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Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

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New [Jan. 21st, 2005|11:53 am]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

[mood |blahblah]
[music |Rent sdtk.- Another Day]

Hey, I just joined :) I love John Belushi, he's one of my favorite comedians of all time, and Animal House is my favorite work of his :). (Well, duh. That's why I joined.)
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Colorbar! [Jan. 17th, 2005|10:51 pm]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

I made a colorbar! Yay!

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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2005|09:38 pm]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

[mood |highhigh]

Name: Kara
Age: 13
Location: Branchville, NJ
Male/female: Female
How long have you been a fan: A week and a half(pathetic I know, but my dad refused to allow me to rent it a few years ago, and so... it fell to the back of my mind, until last thursday.)
Who's your favorite character/favorite characters: Pinto, Bluto, and Hoover, but I like the rest of Delta too.
Favorite scene/favorite scenes: Scenes with Pinto and Clorette, the toga party, the eviction, and the parade scene.
Favorite line/favorite lines: "I think its locked or something" and the whole devil and angel exchange, "Well, that was pleasant, nice of him to stop by, don'tcha think?" "We've gotta do something. He's serious this time. I think he knows about the exams!" "He's right." "You're right." "We've gotta do something" "You know what we gotta do?" "Toga party", "TOGA, TOGA!!"
Least favorite character/least favorite characters: Gregg, but the snobby guys're essential, I guess.
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okay, I'll bite [Jan. 17th, 2005|12:13 am]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

Name: Mich
Age: 26
Location: Cleveland, OH
Male/Female: female
How long have you been a fan?: since I first saw it when I was . . . oh, maybe eight or nine. (I started young.) I grew up with the original SNL on Saturday Night Live and all the good eighties comedies from the SNL/Second City folks.
Favorite character(s): Bluto and D-Day (which is an odd thing, because he's in an another fandom of mine; MacGyver, where he is the incomperable Jack Dalton).
Favorite scene(s): The end scene of mayhem is pretty groovy and Bluto's reactions during the scene when they're clearing out the frat house are hilarious, but the best scene ever is when Bluto's on the ladder looking into the girls' room and turns ever so slowly, giving the camera an eyebrow waggle. Kills me every time.
Favorite line(s): "Seven years of college down the drain!"
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(no subject) [Jan. 16th, 2005|02:44 am]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

[mood |okayokay]
[music |let go - frou frou]

alright, alright!
wanted to warn everyone that mtv is doing an animal house showing tonight! woohoo! i'm sure all of us on here own our own copy, an it's most likely not the tv version, lol, but still. i haven't seen many channels playing it lately. not sure of the showtimes, but keep an eye out!

on another note, i recently converted someone who hadnt seen the classic. musta been livin in a hole. i dont know how many of you are out there who can chug jack straight from the bottle, but this guy was so impressed he tried it himself. lol, nowhere close to being as awesome as bluto, but impressive still. i can't drink that stuff straight at all. anyway, thought i'd ask if anyone has ever tried copying the great belushi in this stunt? can't imagine it went real well, lol.

hope to hear from any of you! and dont forget to tune in to mtv!
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am i late? [Dec. 5th, 2004|03:03 pm]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |1985 - bowling for soup]

dont know if this community has died yet or not, but thought i'd give it a try...

Name: Stephanie
Age: 19
Location: Fort Worth, Tx
Male/Female: female
How long have you been a fan?: 1997, and kinda obsessed ever since
Favorite character(s): Bluto is my idol!
Favorite scene(s): the whole movie is frickin' awesome, but the food fight/zit scene, toga party, whiskey chugging, and horse scenes stick out. also - bein a band nerd myself - what happens to the marching band in the parade always strikes me as hilarious.
Favorite line(s): there are so many great one-liners in this movie, it's hard to pick out the best ones. i happen to use "hooooly shiiiiiiiite!" myself though.

my dream came true this year - i actually went to a toga party! it was a thing of greatness.

i was hoping to find some fellow belushi lovers - most of my friends laugh at my collection of posters, pictures, and t-shirts, lol. anyway, hope some of you guys are still out there!
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(no subject) [Nov. 15th, 2004|09:07 pm]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

so since I see not-a-lot-a stuff gets posted here I'd like to post...

who else thought it was the funniest thing in the world when you see Otter becomes a gynecologist??!!
Has anyone been to a toga party? I don't get what they are.. like what's the point?

Just thought I'd try to strike a conversation!! =D bye
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2004|09:40 pm]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

Hey no one's posted for a while so who knows if anyone will see this::

name: Elly
age: 15
from: SA, Texas

I have an obsession with this movie

Best Part according to me:
When Bluto dumps mustard all over himself and does the gator
When Boone shouts to Otis Day and all the black guys look at him
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The ultimate item [Oct. 18th, 2004|10:40 pm]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

Too bad it's expenisve

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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2004|11:08 am]
Friends of the Delta House: "Animal House" fans

[mood |tiredtired]

Name: Kate
Age: 18
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Male/female: Female
How long have you been a fan: my whole life. probably 1993? Since it was filmed here my dad made me watch it at a young age. he said it was part of my "culture" haha
Who's your favorite character/favorite characters: Bluto,D-Day, Otter, and Pinto
Favorite scene/favorite scenes: The dead horse scene and the Zit scene
Favorite line/favorite lines: too many good ones... but "Did we give up when the germans bombed pearl harbor?!"
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